Certified by the American Welding Society , we can make metal cutting and welding both underwater and out of the water for dock buildings, structures, installation of zinc anodes , etc

Make commercial diving work with specific tools to ensure a good service and warranty

CARIBBEAN COMMERCIAL DIVERS ensures a quick change of axles, propellers, rudders and bearings without removing your boat from the water

If you need to make changes in valves, pipes or seal shafts on your boat,  CARIBBEAN COMMERCIAL DIVERS can go to you location to make a rudder shaft sealing or sea sheets and prevent water from coming into the boat.

We undertake all types of underwater enginneering work on most marine structures including dock gates , harbor walls, bridges , pontoons , sluices and mooring sistems

Good price and fast action

        We are ready for any emergency

24 hours    a day, 7 days a week.    Just call (786) 422-4468    or (786) 344-9808  from anywhere in the  Caribbean or  the Florida                               coast.

Our staff is certified by the International Red Cross and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. We provide support  in the event of shipping accidents. Our staff includes coasting captains and our personnel is certified by International Marine Organization (IMO).

We make regular inspections to prevent gas, oil or any liquid leakage that could contaminate the environment. We clean and  change damaged pipe lines, to.